PICC Line Waterproof Protection
Keep your PICC Line dry with waterproof protection from SHOWERsleeve & CASTcover

It is possible to protect your PICC from water. If you have a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, you don't have to worry about water getting into the area around the PICC insertion. That area is prone to becoming infected with bacteria, yet with our PICC protector you can keep your PICC line covered while showering. That's right, you can now enjoy a refreshing shower and protect your PICC line area from water and potential bacteria with The SHOWERsleeve and CASTcover Company.Protect your PICC line from water with a Waterproof PICC Cover from The SHOWERsleeve & CASTcover Co.

No matter the type of PICC you may have, water from a shower can be dangerous. You need to protect that PICC line area from harmful bacteria in the water. The waterproof SHOWERsleeve & CASTcover allows you to protect your PICC line from water as you shower keeping your insertion area comfortable and dry. If you have stopped taking showers because you're using a PICC and are afraid of getting it wet, our waterproof SHOWERsleeve and CASTcover keeps water off of that area. This shower safe PICC line protector cover fits snug yet comfortable offering protection during a shower or bath.

Because the SHOWERsleeve and CASTcover are waterproof, you can safely shower without worrying about bacteria in the water getting into the PICC insertion area. So for patients who just can't say "no" to the water, even when using a PICC, this waterproof protector is great for showering or taking a bath.